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myCharge Peak 6000 Rechargeable Power Bank

I’ve owned a few of these over the years. I attend a lot of conferences and my various devices never hold out for the whole day so a battery charger has become something I just automatically toss into my bag before heading down for the day.

The problem is that they all need additional wires and various things and I forget them half the time, having to run up to my room and rummage around looking for a cord, hope it’s the right one for the right device and come back down all annoyed with a mostly dead smartphone and thinking we should all just give in and go back to stone tablets and chisels.

I ordered this thing thinking that I’d have another one because I can never find one when I want it.

Dude, I’m never losing this thing. It’s FREAKING GENIUS. Seriously. The wires are already on it. I can plug in my smart phone or my i-whatever or both at once plus a USB thing. GENIUS. And it holds a LOT of charge. I juiced it up using the flip out plug for the wall charger and then used it to charge up my phone from nearly dead and it barely sucked any juice out of this thing. I may be in love.

Seriously, THIS is the answer I’ve been looking for. The wires are all contained on the unit, I don’t have to go hunting for one, it will charge from the wall (already ON the unit) or from a computer (again, already ON the unit).

This does, however, mean it’s a little heavier or larger than the others I have like this, but I’m not going to complain because the ease of use makes it fool proof.

HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended for folks that travel or attend conferences where their devices die on a regular basis. Just buy it. Trust me.

Recharge On-the-Go with myCharge

Say goodbye to the anxiety, worry, panic, frustration, and anger of losing power. Hello myCharge. The myCharge Peak 6000 is a rechargeable 6000mAh battery pack that will charge the average smartphone four times, and even charges iPad and other tablets.

The Ultimate Solution for Power Anxiety

myCharge Peak 6000 addresses one of the most critical needs when it comes to mobile technology: the loss of power. Unlike wall and car chargers that require an outlet to function, the portable power of myCharge Peak 6000 allows users to stay charged while on-the-go, wherever and whenever.

What makes myCharge Unique?

Imagine charging your power-hungry devices without the need to carry around those charging cables and connectors (that you always forget). myCharge Peak 6000 comes equipped with a built-in USB cord, as well as handy fold-out wall prongs. For time-saving convenience, use the charger to recharge up to three devices simultaneously. Even more, myCharge Peak 6000’s voice notification lets you know when the charge is complete. From lectures and business meetings to afternoons at the beach, summer road trips, or out on the town with friends, myCharge keeps you in charge and your devices fully charged and readily available.

Rating: ★★★★★

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