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Korey Howell Photography

Wow, I cannot believe I haven’t written a review yet for Korey! I first met her a few years ago and was told “she’s the best in the business”. Yeah, yeah, yeah… I’ve heard it all before. The reality was that I took horrible headshots and if we got one that I didn’t look like I was being murdered, I figured I was good.

Until, I decided to just go and book an appointment with this “best ever” photographer. I needed a new headshot and, well, why not…

Oh. My. Grapes. This woman is freaking awesome. She has a way that makes you feel 100% at ease. I’ve worked with her several times since then, updating my headshots, etc and she is AMAZING.

First, her studio is small. It’s not some big scary place where you feel self-conscious even walking into it. You can tell that she genuinely loves what she does. She loves working with people and she loves making you the best that she can. Her big smile and “eh, no big deal” attitude instantly puts you at ease.

She’s also FAST. I remember the first time, after just a few minutes, she’s like “okay, we got something we can work with, let’s go” I was kind of like cringing inside thinking “yeah, right”. Nope. She really does get it done and get it done quickly. And the photos look AWESOME. Seriously. Honestly, some of the best headshots I’ve ever seen.

She makes it fun and easy and tells you exactly what to do and gets the shots.

The best part is after. You walk right on over to her computer area where she pulls up your photos, you choose which you want, she crops them down, edits them and emails them to you. Bang. Done.

She’s not afraid to say, “I think we can fix the tired eyes” or anything like that, which I totally appreciate. And she’s definitely not afraid of photoshop. *laughing* BUT she doesn’t edit them to the point that you don’t look like yourself. She’s also not afraid to play. The standard headshot doesn’t have to be stuffy, unless that’s what you want and she’s not afraid to throw ideas at you.

The best part of what she does and where her true talent lies is her ability to capture who you ARE in your photo. I’m not sure how she does this by just meeting you for the first few minutes, but every single person that I’ve known and then seen a headshot that Korey has done, it’s instantly been “Wow, that’s totally Jane!” or whatever. It really is her true talent.

Honestly, if you’re looking for a photographer in Austin, don’t bother looking anywhere else. Just call Korey.

Note: This is when I’ve used her for headshots, of course this might be slightly different if you’re using her for something else 🙂 She does many, many different things.

Korey Howell Photography has a well-established reputation in the Austin area for providing a professional and personable studio photography experience resulting in dynamic, flattering portraits.

Korey Howell’s state-of-the-art photography, editing and retouching skills have delivered corporate and individual portraits to thousands of happy clients. The studio is conveniently located in Northwest Austin, and offers a professional, interactive and fun experience which brings out the best in everyone.

Korey Howell Photography serves the Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown, Lake Travis, Lakeway, and Texas Hill Country areas.

9707 Anderson Mill Rd
Ste 310
Austin, TX 78750
Serving Austin and surrounding area

Rating: ★★★★★

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