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Mixed feelings on the ISIS Mobile Wallet #attisis

When M80 contacted me on behalf of ISIS Mobile Wallet and AT&T and offered me a little shopping spree if I would write an honest review, I, of course, said yes. You can read about my previous foray out to Macy’s HERE using this app.

Here’s the thing. I wouldn’t leave my wallet at home just yet. Supposedly the terminals with the little “radio” NFC symbol is supposed to be able to use it. That’s not the case unless the retail establishment has enabled it. I’m guessing because this is such a new technology that they are slow to get on the bandwagon.

Macy’s was absolutely no problem whatsoever. They are on the list of preferred providers for ISIS and it worked perfectly. We had the same exact thing today at Jamba Juice. Again, it worked perfectly – and it automatically applied a BOGO (buy one, get one free) coupon when I checked out which was kind of cool. The only weird thing there was that it told the cashier I overpaid and he gave me $0.33 back. I’m guessing because that was the last of the card or something. *shrug* It still worked and worked great. At those two places.

It did not, however, work at Double Daves Pizza, even though they were listed as a partner. Cashier was clueless.

When I tried it at Taco Cabana, the guy behind the counter was clueless and it didn’t light up or anything so obviously it didn’t work.

I ended up paying on my own for those two trips. Not a huge deal, but I probably wouldn’t have gone if it wasn’t that they were listed as working NFC retailers, to be honest.

I tried at two different HEBs during regular shopping trips and had the same problem. Didn’t work – only it did give the cashier the error that the “RFID is not enabled”. At least it did more than just stare at me and not blink, I suppose.

It’s most definitely a technology whose time has come… the real question is… when will all the retailers get on the ball? It was REALLY nice to be able to use it… when it worked. I always have my phone out, but am constantly digging around for my wallet.

But don’t be leaving your wallets at home just yet, folks… the app works absolutely great… but the hardware and retailers need a swift kick to get their butts in gear.

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