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Isis Mobile Wallet app #attisis – first step in leaving the wallet at home?

Alright, guys, this review is going to get a little personal. Many of you know (and if you don’t, then you know now!) that I’ve been on a weight loss journey over the past 18 months, shedding almost 200 pounds (198 as of this morning, not that I’m counting or anything). Which means that I’m always cold. The family may actually throw me out of the house soon if I don’t stop messing with the thermostat! So, when M80 contacted me on behalf of ISIS Mobile Wallet and AT&T and offered me a little shopping spree if I would write an honest review, I saw Macy’s on the list of accepted retailers and immediately said, “oh, heck, yes! Momma needs a new warm winter coat!”

After loading the ISIS app onto the phone, I found it incredibly easy to add money to the pre-loaded card. You just go to the website, punch in some information and it magically appears on your phone. I don’t yet know that I’d be willing to leave the house without my credit card (the terminal at a local Taco Cabana, for instance, didn’t work), but once all the retailers get their kinks worked out, it will be really nice not to have to lug around various cards. Because not only can you add money to a pre-loaded card, you can also just put your own debit/credit cards in there. Yeah. How cool is that? So I put my personal debit card as well as my business one in there. Makes life SO easy. And it has a PIN number you need to open the app, so it’s secure (heck, probably more secure than forgetting your card at the gas station and someone going on a spending spree with it. Not that that has ever happened to me….. what?)

Oh yeah, so shopping. So, I’ve never shopped at Macy’s. At least not for myself. I mean, hello, I’ve lost over half my body weight. Macy’s doesn’t carry 6X clothing. So, I went into the store with a little bit of trepidation. I mean, intellectually I know I can wear their stuff, but it’s still hard for me to fathom that I can. So, I browsed the coats, noticing the sizes, wondering if I could wear one. Then I found it. THE coat. It was white and and had fluffy stuff around the sleeves – AND it had a hood that was easy to move up and down. SOLD. It had a size XL. SCORE. Off to dressing room. Where the XL was too big and I had to go back out to get a Large. What? Guys, not only did I shop at Macy’s, but I had stop myself from making a total idiot of myself and crying in the dressing room because I was wearing a size large. Me!

Okay, so back to the app… since, ya know, I’m supposed to tell you about it. If it sucked, I would tell you, but honestly – it was EASY. Almost too easy. I had to look at the phone to make sure it took the money off of my card a few times because I kind of felt like I was stealing this coat. I mean, I didn’t give her cash and I didn’t swipe a card. I just tapped my phone on the little NFC symbol and clicked “okay” on my phone and that was IT. Dude, it doesn’t get easier. Seriously. Look. I took photos (duh! I’m kind of a dork that way). See?

Tapping the phone on the little check-0ut “thingy”

….and then clicking the “okay” button to authorize the purchase.

… and that’s it. From what I can tell, ISIS is only available in Austin and Salt Lake City so far. I’m going to take the family out later and will do another blog on if it’s as easy to use other places, but it worked great at Macy’s (and the sales person there thought I was a total magician being able to pay with my phone. LOL!). There are some offers that will automatically hit when you use it too (like right now I think they have a BOGO with Jamba Juice).

… and for making it this far, I’ll share a photo of me in the coat I purchased (and a before photo, 200 pounds ago – crazy, right?)

Thanks for letting me play, ISIS and AT&T. I had a blast, but this is one technology that I think I’ll keep using. I loved not digging around my wallet. I almost always have my phone in my hand (hey, don’t judge) so this made it SO easy to pay and get out of there. Love it.

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