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Bop It! Smash

We had a great time with this toy… for an hour or so. The problem is that it really only does one thing and once you do it, over and over again, it kind of loses it’s luster. If the volume was more adjustable, I would say road trips would be good (or better yet, a headphone jack!) because it’s just one piece.

It’s pretty simple, there’s lights, you try to time it and hit the sides at the right moment and gain points. We didn’t like the pass it back and forth, we liked solo and then tallied up the points.

I dunno, we played with it and laughed and a good hour with it, and it’s been sitting in the game cabinet ever since. I’d likely give it as a gift if I knew someone that was going on a trip that wouldn’t kill me over the noise (the announcer makes you want to take a sledgehammer to it frequently – his voice is a little annoying).

Overall, recommended for fun, but I’m not sure it has the staying power for a long-term game for our family.

Smashingly awesome game challenges you to keep up with the flashing Bop it lights. Master three fantastic ways to play. Trap and play with light. A quick reaction skill game that tests your reflexes New Bop it smash is the fact action game to test your competitive nature.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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