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Alicia W. Grossmann, MD Review

About 18 months ago, I was with one of those big box “clinics” because it was the fastest thing I could find when I first moved here 14 years ago and got sick. Those of you that have been with one of these conglomerates know why I changed. You get tired of being treated like a number. You get tired of being rushed, the doctor flitting around, asking questions, spending 2 minutes with you, writing an RX and running out the room before you are even able to say hello. I kept meaning to find a small doctor’s office but just never got around to actually doing it.

After having surgery that my previous doctor wasn’t all that supportive of (weight loss surgery), I went looking for someone new. All I knew is that I wanted a female doctor that wasn’t in a big clinic, wasn’t rushing around like a chicken with her head cut off and wasn’t going to make me feel like a failure for doing what I had to for my health. And thus began my Google search. I called a few, but mainly got kind of a “meh” feeling from those folks.

I came across Dr. Grossmann’s website and I really liked what I read so I called and the person answering the phone was SO nice and answered all my questions and didn’t seem to care if she sat there all day reassuring me that this doctor wasn’t going to “fuss at me” for anything. So, fresh out of weight loss surgery, I made an appointment to visit with Dr. Grossmann.

Never. Ever. EVER in my entire life have I ever felt so unrushed at an appointment. I wasn’t there for any real medical reason other than a general check up, but I think I learned more about her, and more importantly, she learned more about me, in that one appointment than my previous doctor ever had. AND she was supportive. Of my own journey, of where I was going and what I was doing.

I’ve seen her for the usual stuff, when I get sick, etc etc. Always the same thing, the wait is never more than 10 minutes or so in the waiting room and usually no more than 5 in the exam room. It’s WEIRD. Like… how can not every doctor do this? I mean, THIS is how healthcare should be people!

Several months ago, I went to her with severe weird pain in one arm. I thought it was my shoulder. No. I was CONVINCED it was my shoulder. I kind of thought she was a little off the mark when she ordered an MRI and told me she was pretty sure it was my neck. I had to eat crow a couple of days later when she called and told me to get my “on pain pills but still in severe crippling pain” butt to the ER because I had a ruptured disc in my neck. Yeah, so she saw me through that surgery too. Did I mention that SHE actually called me with the results? Yeah, the doctor. Not her nurse. Not some faceless person in the office. SHE called me and SHE told me to get my butt to the ER.

More recently, I’ve had other issues that she’s working with me with. Again, never in a hurry, always with a smile and she always completely explains what we’re doing and why. I’m never left feeling like I’m in the dark or that she’s talking down to me. When I have a question, she explains it and if I still don’t get it, she explains it again (laughing).

My husband has also switched to this same doctor, we are both THRILLED with her and her staff. They go WAY out of their way for you. Never rush you and they have a lab on site. Seriously. It doesn’t get easier.

Honestly, I wish I had found her many years ago. It would have saved me YEARS of aggravation with my previous primary doctor. Again, THIS is how healthcare should be.

Primary Care of Adults and Children, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, ADHD, All Acute and Chronic Disorders

Dr. Alicia Grossmann, MD
6301 W Parmer Ln, Ste 102
Austin, TX 78729
(512) 568-3565

Rating: ★★★★★

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