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Violins Etc Review

I’ve been a customer of these folks for the past 2.5 years. It all started when my daughter decided she wanted to take violin lessons and I needed to rent a violin. I showed up and the super nice folks talked me through what she needed (size is important at first until she grows into a full size instrument). They also highly recommended we rent until she gets into a full size instrument.

A year or so ago, I showed up when they opened on a Friday morning completely panicked. Part of it was all cracked up and she had a talent show that evening. I just KNEW I’d end up spending gobs of money to get it fixed so quickly or have to buy a new one or something. I had my credit card at the ready and was ready to cringe.

Nope. They fixed it within 10 minutes while I wanted, said “thanks” and sent me on my way. Wouldn’t take my money. I’ve also had to take it in for service when I broke a string.

When I decided earlier this year to take lessons myself, they will equally accommodating and very willing to answer questions and help along the way.

I’ve never felt take advantage of and always felt empowered by them to make my own decisions while helping me understand instruments in general. Highly recommend these folks.

Texas owned and operated, Violins Etc. was founded on the principle that high quality and low cost are not mutually exclusive. In 1993, after searching for a student violin for his daughter, the owner of Violins Etc. was disheartened to find an absence of affordable, quality instruments in the marketplace. He started Violins Etc. in Austin, Texas with a vision of bringing high quality instruments from European makers to the American market at affordable prices, and today Violins Etc. is able to offer unparalleled quality and value to musicians at all levels both in Texas and around the world. Violins Etc. is one of the fastest growing string instrument companies in the United States, and a commitment to quality and value remains the guiding principle in our business.

Violins Etc
6013 Burnet Rd
Austin, TX 78757

Rating: ★★★★★

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