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Stay Tuned by Lauren Clark

When I started this book, I really wasn’t sure what to expect from reading the description. I knew it would be one of those books that I either loved or hated and I was kind of scared to see which it would be, but I knew I needed something different after reading a few weird books and this seemed to be a little more mainstream. The author sent me this book with a request for review nearly a year ago and while I was browsing through, it caught my eye.

What I wasn’t expecting is to get so invested into the characters. I genuinely liked Melissa and I wanted to befriend her. It’s rare that an author is able to develop a character to the point of me actually rooting for them through the end.

What really drove home my like of this book is the realness. I don’t want to give away too much, but so many times I read books that focus on creating drama and destroying relationships. This one threw me for a loop because what I thought the author was going to do didn’t happen exactly the way I thought it was going to. It actually made me smile – a good story of integrity and honesty. It felt good. It felt real.

There’s a LOT going on in this story. We have Melissa with her husband, her mom, her career, her empty nest syndrome and about 90 other things going on. There were a few times that I felt dizzy trying to keep up with her, but the author pulled it off so well that instead of feeling overwhelmed with the insanity of all, I kept rooting for her to push through and get it done.

Honestly, one of the best women’s fiction books I’ve read in a very long time. It had everything I long for in these books, and just a little bit more. So very well done.

Recommended for us 30-something women or anyone that enjoys a really darn good read.

For TV producer Melissa Moore, crisis management comes with the job. From employee disputes to her high-maintenance boss, there’s not much she hasn’t seen or can’t handle.

But no one–including Melissa–expects a fistfight during the ten o’clock news. When sexy-but-crazy Alyssa Andrews lands a punch on her co-anchor’s face, Melissa jumps on set to help. She’s determined that WSGA’s reputation won’t be destroyed on her watch.

Both anchors are fired and Melissa agrees to fill in–but not before polishing her look from haircut to heels. While the new Melissa wows WSGA viewers, her personal life starts fraying at the edges. Melissa’s husband is away more than he’s home, leaving cryptic Post-it notes in his wake. Her mother’s antics spiral out of control at the nursing home and a stalker decides Melissa is her next target.

What happens next? Stay Tuned to find out…

Rating: ★★★★★

Book count for 2012: 26

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