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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Leather Cover, Persimmon (does not fit Kindle or Kindle Touch)

I’ve owned most of the Amazon-offered Kindle covers, before this one, my main Kindle/Cover was the Touch. I liked it, it worked, etc. But it’s just a cover. Usually, slightly overly expensive. I debated on ordering the Paperwhite cover, but I put in a pre-order and figured I’d check it out. I barely even read the description, honestly. I ordered the “Persimmon” color because it had the shorted lead time. Yeah, I know… a definite “whatever” order, right?

My Paperwhite had Special Offers turned on. I had read a little about the cover and Paperwhite previous to receiving mine. I popped the kindle into the cover, opened the cover… and it didn’t come on automatically like I expected. I was presented with a screen that I needed to swipe. That’s annoying. I paid the extra to have the special offers turned off and it works like I expected now. Really awesome, actually. You open it and it brings you to right where you were. No button-pushing or screen-swiping required.

The outside is textured so I feel like I have a better grip on it than my Touch and it feels sturdy. I like the color pretty well, I was worried it would be a bright orange, but it’s a nice color – and it won’t get lost in the sea of black covered tech items I have laying around this house!

The auto-on when you open it makes it well worth the price, in my opinion. I’m extremely happy with this purchase!

Recommended for Paperwhite owners, of course!

Our genuine leather cover was engineered to be the lightest and thinnest protective cover for your Kindle Paperwhite. A fusion of soft, premium textured leather and an innovative, form-fitted interior secures Kindle Paperwhite without any hinges or straps.

The cover automatically puts your Paperwhite to sleep when it is closed and wakes your device upon opening making it so easy to jump back into your latest book.

  • Designed by Amazon to be the lightest and thinnest protective cover for Kindle Paperwhite (will not fit Kindle or Kindle Touch)
  • Wake or put your device to sleep by opening or closing the cover
  • Secures your device without straps covering the front
  • Magnetic clasp ensures cover is securely closed
  • Premium natural leather exterior protects with style
  • Rating: ★★★★☆

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