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Adversary: A Novella by Mark Wheaton

The author sent me this book several months ago as a review request. I’ve read a few of his other books with mixed reactions, mostly good, a little bad, but good enough for me to add this to my review pile. I admit that after reading the description, I wasn’t sure if I’d like it. It sounded like my kind of thing, but at the same time, I just wasn’t sure what I was getting into.

I honestly chose this book earlier this month simply because I was looking for something short that WAS NOT chick lit (I seem to have read a lot of that lately). Some thriller/horror short story seemed to be just the ticket, so off I went…

… where I was pleasantly surprised! Mark’s writing, while always good, has improved a whole heck of a lot. This book was a great mixture of suspense, horror and keeping my attention. I simply could NOT put it down until I found out what was going on. And just when I thought I knew, the author threw me a big old curve ball. Not many get over on me so well… gotta hand it to him.

Definitely worth a read, it was quick, easy and really well done. Not too gory with a really good plot.

Well done, Mr. Wheaton.

Recommended for thriller readers, I didn’t find it too far into the “horror” genre, but I read some pretty nasty stuffy sometimes.

When an industrial spy is captured in a multinational’s Berlin skyrise, the company’s lead counsel, Annie Bennett, is sent to interrogate him while they await the police. She soon learns that the man isn’t a spy at all, but a mysterious scientist who accuses Annie’s company of kidnapping his wife and holding her in a laboratory. As a series of murders erupt throughout the building, Annie discovers that her company has been attempting to accelerate human evolution to adapt man to extraterrestrial environments. Only, instead of testing on humans, they’ve been using tens of thousands of scientifically-harvested ghosts. As the intruder prepares to release all of the vengeful ghosts at once to slaughter the building’s employees, Annie must decide who the real enemy is.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Book count for 2012: 20

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