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A School Year of Caring by Betty Mermelstein

The author sent this book to me just a short time ago asking for a review. It’s one I usually would have skipped over, honestly. ONLY because I’ve read a lot in this genre lately and was looking for something easy, but I needed a short and easy-to-read book to test out my newest Kindle on and this one fit the bill. Perhaps it was this book’s tenacity to be read because I really enjoyed the storyline.

I absolutely loved the storyline and plot and everything to do with how the book developed. I did NOT, however, like Beth’s character. She felt forced and fake at times, mostly in the classroom settings. That could possibly be because, while my husband is an educator, there’s no amount of money in the world that would make me want to teach. *laughing* I don’t have to like all characters though, so I forgive the author. Mostly.

The book also wasn’t as light as I was expecting. It had the usual chick-lit love/romance predictable pattern, but there were a few other issues peppered in there. Loss, abuse, etc. None of it was too deep, but it was enough that I felt it made the story stand out a little from the usual stuff I see in this genre.

Recommended for women’s fiction fans who are looking for a quick read.

Beth is a second grade teacher who deals with the realistic and sometimes humorous situations that are part of her class. She must make daily decisions concerning children who misbehave, who are often absent, whose skills are not progressing, and who suffer abuse at home. The consequences of reporting abuse turn violent for Beth, but she remains determined to do the right thing. When she meets a little boy in another class who resembles a past love, she is shocked to learn the boy’s father is indeed the man she left many years ago. Beth finds out whether restarting a relationship with him is the best thing for everyone involved or not.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Book count for 2012: 23

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