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Make It Sweet Review

I’ve taken several classes from this place (most when it was at the old location under “All In One”). Seriously good and knowledgeable folks here. I like to mess around with cakes and decorating just for fun sometimes and their classes are always a hoot (and I’ve spent *censored for husband’s sanity* there over the past several years on stuff too).

The staff here is ALWAYS very nice. I’ve never felt anything but a true love of what they do and fun. The classes are always a hoot and if I go in there with some weird idea, they almost always say “hmmm… well, let’s see…” and 99 out of 100 times, we come up with a solution (no matter how whacky!). Simply cannot recommend this shop enough. I am by NO means the best decorator (in fact, I kind of suck at it most of the time), but it’s fun, easy and hey… who doesn’t like cake?

I will admit that I hadn’t been in their “new” location until recently and I was LOVING it. So much more room, less crowded and a lot more “stuff” for me to drool and plan over. Excellent move for them and I wish Jennifer and the gang nothing but the best.

I’ve also ordered cakes from here before. Pristine service and great quality (and OMG, yummy!)

Not really their fault, but just a fault of the industry at large, but I REALLY wish they would have more options without red dye #40 – even pinks have it in there. It’s discouraging. Not knocking them for this, just venting. It’s becoming a huge problem for not only myself but a lot of parents.

Make it Sweet is the largest cake supply store in Central Texas. Make it Sweet is the retail supply source for baking supplies, products and accessories for home and professional bakers and decorators, with products available locally in our store or across the country by mail order.

Make It Sweet
9070 Research Blvd
Ste 203
Austin, TX 78758

Rating: ★★★★★

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