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K1 Speed Review

Hmmm… so it’s hard to write a review for this because we didn’t actually end up racing. I’ve never been go kart racing so this was to be an experience for my husband and I. I lined up a sitter, made plans to drop by here first and then dinner after. When we got there, we were told it would be an hour and a half wait. We looked around. They have this very large lounge area, but there was NO ONE there. It was pretty dead. Um, okay. The lady told us to go get dinner and come back. Um, not enough time really, so we decided to wait. When I checked in 45 minutes later, I was told it would be a total of 2 hours wait.

We ended up leaving so we would have time to grab dinner before getting the kids. I don’t know, maybe I’m not being fair, but my biggest problem is that they really aren’t doing anything to KEEP you here. You go, check in, and they tell you to leave. What? They are missing MAJORLY an atmosphere here (and a chance to get more of my money, frankly). They have a snack bar that has a lot of crap food (nachos and junk) and a pool table and a few arcade games. It really needs a restaurant (a theme restaurant with some nice food would be ideal) or some sort of screens or assign you a car ahead of time to root for those ahead of you. Something. Anything! Instead, you wait in this big open area of nothingness. It’s very awkward and boring. And this was a Saturday night, which you’d think there’d be humans there. It was WEIRD.

We had a groupon and they just applied it to the account we opened. We’ll go back and just know we’ll end up waiting and plan better for a sitter, but I’m not sure that a 10 minute race is worth a 2 hour wait. There’s no way to sign up online (and prepay even!) or anything like that, you can call ahead to hear the wait time, but you still have to actually go there (which is kind of in the middle of no man’s land) so it makes it difficult to have a full night’s out.

I dunno, maybe we should just go to Park N Pizza or something instead because this just kind of failed in the atmosphere department for us. I’ll update the review if we go back.

On a personal note, having lost a TON of weight to be able to do these things, I was really really really disappointed, but onward… we’ll still get it done, just not the day we planned.

Hopefully this place will do something to make people stick around and not be so…. weird.

K1 Speed is the perfect place to hold your corporate event, birthday party, bachelor party or simply just ‘arrive and drive’. At K1 Speed, you race against all racers by getting ranked against the entire facility. Race for Fastest Time of the Week, Fastest Time of the Month, or take on the challenge of making it to the top of K1’s ProScore ranking system. K1 Speed currently has locations throughout California, Washington, Arizona, Florida and Texas with more locations coming soon.

Established in 2003
Established in 2003 K1 Speed opened its first location in 2003 in Carlsbad CA. After 2 years of success they then continued on to open 6 more stores. K1 Speed was the first electric karting facility to open on the west coast. Each facility boasts 90,000 of entertainment.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

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