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Guest Post by Betty Mermelstein, author of Jib and Spinnaker: Sailors of the Low Seas

Sometimes there’s a fine line between fantasy and reality and sometimes not so much. Outside my window is the reality of my backyard, where sometimes nature rears its ugly head. Why mother birds build nests on precarious shelves under my roof, I’ll never know. I’ve saved two baby mourning doves, frantically calling around for bird rescue centers and gently prying open their mouths with an eye dropper full of oatmeal mixture. And then there’s the pool…. I’ve plucked a rabbit from the skimmer by its ears after it had fallen into the pool and dog paddled (rabbit paddled?) over to it. It went on its merry way. Yes, I did perform mouth-to-mouth on the baby bunny when it fell in and I scooped it up, after watching it lie on the patio ready to give up the ghost.

However, over the years, I couldn’t save the many mice that weren’t watching where they were going, ending up floating around (and it’s not too cool when you run into one when swimming at night). I could, though, save them in a fantasy world! That’s when I created my children’s story about Jib and Spinnaker, two mice who fall into a pool after being chased by a dog in a dust storm. I wanted to give them an excuse for hitting the water: they weren’t really careless. They have quite an adventure as they come across the many items that have blown or been placed into the pool: things that can only be described because they don’t know what they are called.

You can check this book out here.

How did that lizard just get up on my roof?

Jib and Spinnaker are two little mice who fall into a swimming pool as they are being chased by a dog. They think they have fallen into the ocean, and as they try to get out, they encounter many pool toys and equipment that, to them, look like other strange things. How will they escape the waters of the deep?

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