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Buck’s Bikes Review

About a year ago, after not riding a bike for at least 20 years, I decided to go find a bike. I had just started down a weightloss path and was quite heavy and VERY self conscious wondering if I even COULD ride a bike. The sales people here were not only caring and compassionate, but helped me choose the right bike that I could ride then – and after now losing 180+ pounds, I can still ride this bike comfortably.

When I take it in for service, they’re always super nice, friendly and don’t laugh when I say “I dunno, it just feels weird”. I’ve never felt anything but joy from the whole team here. I honestly feel like they care about what they do. It matters to them. I should say that my bike is a cruiser bike. It’s not some fancy thing. It was under $400 and I use it mainly to scoot around the neighborhood for fun and exercise.

My daughter recently came to me because her little Toys R Us Huffy just wasn’t keeping up with the rest of the family. She wanted a better bike. One with bigger wheels and gears. I was nervous because she’s 9 and I wasn’t sure what we’d be able to find, but today, I took her in and was totally honest with the sales folks. I didn’t want to put a bunch of money into a bike that wasn’t going to last her.

They were SO amazing with her. AMAZING. They talked TO her about what SHE wanted and what SHE needed and got HER the perfect bike. It’s a small frame adult female bike, but one she fits now and she can grow with over the next 4 years, so it was money well spent.

While there, I also told the guy I was thinking of doing a triathlon one day and was wondering what to do. I figured he’d sell me another bike. Nope. He said unless I’m looking to be super competitive (I’m not), the bike I have is fine. He said he MIGHT think about putting thinner wheels on it for that, but really, it’s still a good bike for an informal (and first timer) tri. THAT’s why I keep going back here. I’ve never felt pressured to purchase anything here and I’ve always left feeling like they care about me and my needs.

Simply put, go here. Yes, it’s more expensive than your local big box sporting shop, but truly, you get what you pay for – quality bikes, quality folks with quality advice and DAMN GOOD service. I pay for service. Gladly.

Buck’s Bikes
12530 Research Blvd.
Austin, TX 78759

Rating: ★★★★★

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