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The Relationship Shoppe: A Novel by Susan Paulson Clark

There’s nothing too earth shattering in this book. It’s a basic storyline we’ve all read before, but I really enjoyed how the author was able to freshen it up and put in elements that appealed to many. There really is a little bit of everyone I know in the various characters making up this story. The writing was simple, easy to read, and easy flowing. The author does a remarkable job of bringing the characters and places to life.

My problem with this book centered around a few places that were just too disjointed for my liking. It could use a little bit of editing to bring some of the larger events into focus and take out a few of the things that just cluttered up the story.

There’s some irony in the book, of course, we have characters who are tripping around their own lives, relationships, children, household stuff who are putting themselves out as experts. I guess it really is true that those that help are the ones that are in the most need!

I walked away from this book with the thought that no one is perfect. I think the author was trying to convey that while we all try the best we can, at the end of the day, we are only human and we have to make peace within our own lives.

Overall, a well done book. Recommended for those who enjoy chick lit or need a light read after reading something heavy. This will fully fit the bill!

Marian Sheffield longs to climb out of the pits, but before she can transform her career and romantic life, she must contend with the indiscretions of Belle, her business partner and best friend. Along the way, Marian learns the difference between a crush on her guy friend and the very real advances of her company’s investor—and how to apply the relationship advice she promotes in her own bookstore.

– Felt as if your life has fallen apart?
– Questioned why it had?
– Resolved to turn things around?
– Refused to give up when everyone around discouraged you?
– Been betrayed by a friend?
– Fallen in love with someone who doesn’t love you back?
– Ignored the person who is right for you?

Then you may want to browse in THE RELATIONSHIP SHOPPE!

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Book count for 2012: 16

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