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Deer Drive Legends 3DS

To be honest I ordered this title just to get something “Different”. Hunting games do not normally find their way into my collection. It has actually surprised me by being a decent game with good 3d and fairly realistic graphics for such a small screen.

The downside is that there is something of a barrier to entry on this title. There is no tutorial at all. You enter your name and then the very next screen has you make selections, but doesn’t tell you want it is you are creating (turns out it is your “coat of arms” that will show up along with your name throughout the game). The “BAM” (pun intended) you are thrown into the game. The first mission is to shoot 5 bucks in 2 minutes. Seemed like no problem, I easily killed 6 or 7 “bucks” in the 2 minutes, to be told “Mission Failed”. Huh?

You see, you get attacked by bull moose, I was killing those left and right. I never even shot a buck, though I did get a few “do not shoot the doe” warnings.

Also, you will see power ups drop through out the game. Do you need to pick these up? Shoot them? Activate them somehow? I really couldn’t tell you.

Overall, I had a good, if confusing, time playing the game. With the top tier 3DS games ringing in at the register for $50 or $60, I think $30 is a fair price for this title.

Go for the ultimate trophy! Deer Drive: Legends takes you to the far corners of the earth where you will go after wild animals rarely seen by the human eye, some even believed to be extinct! Captured in rich, 3D environments, these animals are both elusive and quick! Stalk different species of elk, deer, big cats and more in the most exciting and realistic game available for Nintendo 3DS!

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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