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King Trevor (The Trevolution) by Susan Helene Gottfried

I’m a big fan of the author, Susan, and her work. I’ve been a little bit of a fan girl of Trevors since before the books even existed and there was just a little blog. I wasn’t sure where Susan was going after her first book, Trevor’s Song, but was willing to go along for the ride. I ended up being shocked how much Trevor has grown as a person and as a character. Oh, he’s still a grade A butthead, but there were moments that we got to see the real him that made me smile. I’m not sure that Trevor could ever totally lose his attitude as that would just be unrealistic.

However, Trevor is almost a secondary character in this book. This books really is about Keri and family relationships. About the elephant in the room that sits there and stares at you while smiling politely at family functions. I have always liked Keri, but my love and appreciation for her, who she is and what she does grew tremendously with this one. This second book of the series also gave us a larger insight into Mitchell and how much he’s willing to do for her.

I found Keri’s brother, Stevie, however to be one of the single most annoying characters, however. I’m sure he was written that way, but I found myself unable to connect with him and just wanted to punch him. For as much success as he has had, he sure is a whiny spineless sniveling idiot of a man. He was somewhat redeemed, but he’ll need some work for me to not hate him. *laughing*

What I enjoy most about Susan’s work with Shapeshifter is that it brings me back to my teenage years. The days of hair bands, screeching metal music and hiding in my room from my parents, who just didn’t understand.

Recommended for children of the 80’s and 90’s. Read her first book first though, I think you really do need the background before diving into this one.

The aftermath of his onstage collapse has taken its toll on Trevor Wolff. He’s become a virtual shut-in, dependent on the people around him to help in his healing. To make matters worse, he might have hung up his bass for good.

This is not the Trevor Wolff way.

When Mitchell hatches a plan to turn Trevor into the official King of ShapeShifter, it sounds like bunk. However, when Mitchell finds the perfect building to repurpose, the Big Idiot hires the best architect around—the brother-in-law he’s never met. Trevor can’t help but smell secrets that awaken the person he used to be.

After all, there’s nothing Trevor Wolff likes more than intrigue—except maybe a chance to square off against his arch-nemesis: Mitchell’s wife, Kerri.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Book count for 2012: 12

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