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We have purchased our last 3 vehicles by these folks and referred several others, all with great results. I cannot stand traditional dealerships. I don’t like dealing with the “going to talk to my manager” and “we just can’t do that” and keeping you there for several hours. I’m there to buy a freaking car, not play a game. I know some people like it, but having worked in the industry many many years ago, I refuse to deal with it. I’d rather walk.

Today, we went in with the car we bought from them six years ago as a trade in, they gave us a fair value for it (especially considering it needed a new transmission!) and they sold us a great 1 year old van for a fair price. No haggling. The sales guy was able to focus on what we needed, what add ons we wanted and told us straight up what was worth buying and what wasn’t. Didn’t pressure us into getting things we didn’t want.

Honestly, they don’t have many new cars, but I don’t care about new. I care about getting in there and out of there with a car and without a headache. We were out in under 2 hours with a great van for a great price from a super nice sales person.

This is the ONLY place we will buy a vehicle from anymore. No games, great service and good folks. Highly highly recommended.

13300 North I-35
Austin, TX 78753
(512) 873-2315

Mon-Fri 10am-9pm
Sat 9am-9pm

Rating: ★★★★★

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