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The Time Travel Journals: Shipbuilder by Marlene Dotterer

One of my friends chose this for our bookclub book. I will be the first to admit that I was skeptical. I love her dearly (she’s my BFF), but she notoriously picks books that make me want to stick a spoon through my eye. I will also be honest and say that the cover art threw me off. It’s a bit too trite for me. Too… something. I wish I knew what it was that threw me, but it just didn’t gel with me. I am SO glad that she chose this book because I can’t say that I would have found this on my own.

I read a lot of self published books. A lot. Some are good. Some are bad. Some a really really bad and every now and then I run across a gem. This book represents the reason that I keep plodding along doing independent reviews. This type of writing makes me smile. In fact, everyone in our club liked the book. I think this was the first one in a year that we were all in agreement with what a greatly written book it was.

The storyline is engaging. You travel back in time with our main characters, you feel their angst at having to figure things out. You feel them struggling with the change, with how to handle make the past meet the future. The author’s ability to take a piece of historical fiction and throw in a little time travel and a touch of romance and make a group of 12 loud and opinionated women like it… well, that’s remarkable.

Her writing flows off of the page and grabs you by the hair. It drags you along with it and pulls you directly into the early 1900s and you like it. You hold on to the ride for dear life and don’t hold your breath until we reach that fateful day that you’ve been waiting on since you figured out what the time period represented.

The climax of this story takes place onboard the maiden voyage of Titanic. I won’t give anything away here, but I think I read that particular chapter sitting on the edge of my seat with my breath held. I’m pretty sure my kindle has permanent fingernail marks on it. I couldn’t breathe until I knew… the writing is so amazing and I cared so deeply about these characters.

I simply cannot wait until the author releases the next in this series. I love that she ended this book. There was no huge cliffhanger, but it left my appetite open for the next one.

I recommend this for just about anyone. Seriously, give it a read.

Casey Wilson and Sam Altair are strangers, but a botched experiment in time travel has thrown them together with no one else to turn to. They are trapped one hundred years in the past, on the streets of Belfast, Ireland in 1906. With their old lives lost forever, the young college girl and elderly physicist must start over, knowing that every move they make could change history in countless ways. But a famous tragedy becomes personal when Casey meets Thomas Andrews, the man who will build the doomed steamship, Titanic. In love with Tom, and determined to save his life, Casey will do everything she can to prevent history’s most notorious maritime accident.

Rating: ★★★★★

Book count for 2012: 3

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