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Oatmeal Soap by Aniise

I was contacted by this company and offered some products for review. I chose this one because my 11-year-old son suffers from eczema on his legs really badly. It’s a constant battle of various lotions, creams and keeping him from scratching. Oatmeal soaps are know for helping to stop the itching and will usually keep him from scratching himself too badly after a bath.

Oatmeal is a great product, overall. We’ve done every oatmeal bar and bath additive that I’ve been able to find over the years. They work pretty well as far as keeping his skin from being too itchy after a bath. As he dries off, he gets itchy and starts scratching, which can lead to scarring and bleeding (poor kid has so many scars from it as it is). The oatmeal is supposed to soothe the skin, keep him for getting too itchy and hopefully help keep the eczema from getting worse.

I found that this product works pretty much like the rest of them do. He told me it did help with the itchiness and he did scratch less after his shower with it. So, it works very much as expected. I don’t think it was anything too special, so I’m not sure the higher price reflected the value you can get from other oatmeal products on the market, but if I were ordering something else of theirs (and their other stuff is super awesome), I would totally throw one of these into my cart as well.

Speaking of carts, their current website needs a bit of work. I was disappointed in it. This is a higher end company and they deserve more attention to their online sales portal. There’s no “about us” or other information about the company. That’s too bad because I would have liked to know more. The before and after photos are stunning, but don’t tell us the condition and which product they used. I guess I just like more information on what I’m purchasing.

Overall, I recommend this product for those that like oatmeal soaps, especially if you are ordering any of their other products.

Ideal for dry and sensitive skin, this face and body bar restores moisture to your skin, leaving it soft and radiant. Ingredients: Oat, Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

Rating: ★★★☆☆


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