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Jabra Extreme Bluetooth Headset for PC with Skype Certification

I spend all day on my computer, so much time that I’ve started using Skype for all my calls except for those on my cellphone. I thought this would be a great tool: one headset for both! I would never forget my cellphone earpiece ever again.

First off, sound quality: The quality is “ok” at best. But, I’ve been using one of my husband’s hand-me-down gaming headsets which had great sound and everyone always said I sounded very clear. I wouldn’t say that it was a horrible experience, I just expected more from a headset designed for phone calls.

Secondly: It says it will connect to both your computer and your phone. Yes, it will. For a time. Then you have to reconnect it. I finally got tired of trying and it became my phone earpiece only and will probably stay that way.

Overall: This is a good earpiece. But if you are used to a two ear headset and a good mic, you will probably be disappointed with using it on your computer.

With the Skype Certified Jabra Extreme Bluetooth headset, you can enjoy all the benefits of wireless communication when you make and take internet-based calls. No installation is needed. Simply insert the USB adapter into your PC or laptop and it will automatically make a connection with the Extreme Bluetooth headset.

The Extreme also allows you to manage both PC and mobile phone calls simultaneously with Jabra’s Multiuse technology. Even when you are connected to your computer, the Jabra Extreme can maintain a connection with your mobile phone, enabling you to switch seamlessly between the two when needed.

To create the clearest call possible, Jabra’s Noise Blackout technology with dual microphones capture sound while intelligently filtering out background noise. This eliminates ambient noise even in the loudest environments, enhancing the call clarity and ensuring a natural sounding voice. Your Skype and mobile phone conversations will sound great wherever you have them.

Designed for comfort and style, the EXTREME features specially developed Ultimate-fit Eargels that mold to any ear shape to ensure a snug fit–one size really does fit all. The headset also comes with two rotatable ear hooks that are contoured to fit the ear perfectly, ensuring a comfortable fit all day long.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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