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Quelf Jr Board Game

I have three children: daughter (8), son (11), and husband (39). When I joined them the other day for a game of Quelf Jr. I really didn’t expect it to be much fun for me as an adult. Well, I was wrong! This game had us all laughing and giggling nearly the entire time.

The game itself is really easy to play: You perform actions and move either forward or backward on the board. Sometimes you’ll get a “Mr. Sour Face” card, which happened a lot near the end of the game for us, and you’ll have to go back several spaces.

My daughter was the perfect age to enjoy this game, my son maybe a little too old. However, we all had a great time as a family! What other game has you making your toes have a conversation or swimming the backstroke in the middle of the floor?

The game of totally silly nonsensical fun! use your creativity and imagination to answer crazy questions and do silly stunts.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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    What, no pictures? I’m disappointed.

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