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AmazonBasics Carrying Case for Nintendo 3DS, DS Lite, DSi and DSi XL – Red (Officially Licensed by Nintendo)

I was really excited to get this case. I just purchased my Nintendo 3DS and I would have liked to have protected my investment. This “case” is just odd. I don’t see myself ever using it. Here are the reasons why:

1.) It is huge! I need a carrying bag just to carry the case. I think I am more likely to drop my 3DS, or put it down somewhere and forget it with this monster of a case. Something this big really needs a carrying strap or at least a handle.
2.) Only room for 3 games. Seriously? As I said, this thing is a monster and they only put 3 game slots in it?
3.) You have to take the DS completely out to play. Another opportunity to lose something.

The only upside is that this thing does what it says: it protects the 3DS. The way the inside is rigged, if you strap down your DS like your supposed to, even a fall of a few feet isn’t going to affect your DS.

That said, I am still looking for a convenient way to carry and protect my 3DS. It would be nice, but not necessarily required, for it to carry a few of my games as well. This case just does not fit the bill.

Store your player and up to three games in this sleek, zippered case, and feel good knowing they are protected from life’s bumps and scratches. The interior pockets and straps keep everything secure. You’ll be ready to grab your case and go on life’s next adventure.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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