28 September 2011 ~ 0 Comments

The new toys are here! Kindles and Fires, Oh My!

I have a confession. I have a gadget problem. A REALLY big gadget problem, actually. I love toys. I was expecting the tablet annoucement and had read all the rumors so kinda knew what to expect today from Amazon’s press release. But DUDE. I was not expecting a $79 Kindle. Yeah. You heard me right. I ordered one, it’ll be here tomorrow. I also pre-ordered the Kindle Touch (11/21) and the new Kindle Fire (11/15).

Here’s the links to the new toys:

Kindle Fire – $199 – Ships 11/15 – 7″ tablet, dual core processor, hooks up with all of Amazon’s services, streaming, etc etc. Music, movies, books. Want. Ordered. I also ordered a lime green sleeve for it. It’s wifi only. I suspect the rumored 10″ one for Q1 2012 will have a 3G option, not sure if I will find that useful or not as I have a hotspot.

Kindle Touch – $99 – ships 11/21 – I ordered the one with special offers and no 3G. I’ve rarely ran into a time I needed 3G for this. I will never admit this to my husband, but I ordered this bad boy simply because it has a purple cover that I pre-ordered with it. Oh, and it’s a new toy. Duh.

Kindle – $79 – Ships today – Whoa! I ordered this one just because I’m curious how they will handle the keyboard with no touch screen and no keyboard. And, well, it’s a new toy. I didn’t order a cover with it because I couldn’t figure out what to order, but if they have a purple one, I’m ALL over it.


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