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The God Virus by J E Murphy

What if the world was turned upside down tomorrow? Whether it be by a natural disaster, by disease, or by economic collapse just how much could you count on your neighbors? The government? Your church? What if the change wasn’t just about how people lived but also about what it meant to be human?

This is the story that “The God Virus” tells. The two main characters in this book come from opposing view points: one is a scientist, the other is highly religious. As they change and as the world changes around them they must come to grips not only with the changes, but also how their different beliefs can be reconciled. Religion and science clash, combine, and come out as a sort of understanding of how perhaps the two are not as incompatible as some people believe.

I highly recommend this book for anyone that enjoys a good post-apocalyptic read. Additionally, the thoughts on religion and science would make it a good read for anyone that would like to see just how compatible they really are even with our limited amount of knowledge today.

A virus from billions of years in the past has emerged from ancient salt beds with devastating results. As the virus turns evolution on its head, people are changed into monsters, animals begin to demand their rights, and civilization is brought to its knees. The few remaining humans seek safety in the quarantine of walled cities such as the Vatican. They desperately seek a cure, but the only one they find may have results too horrible to contemplate Judeus and Miranda, recent converts to the phylum Porifera, set out with a were-wolfish priest, a planeload of mutating pilgrims, and a sabre-tooth shape-shifting cat on their own journey from Miami to the Vatican. One wants to teach the Pope how to pray in this strange new world. The other wants to stop the cure being developed by the remaining humans. And they both want to get the Pope’s final answer on whether non-humans should marry. With their plane shot down over Africa, they learn that strange events are not limited just to the civilized parts of the world. Is the virus God’s punishment on the world? Or is there no god but the virus? Or is the virus going to create a new god? Can three sponge-monsters straighten this mess out?

Rating: ★★★★★

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