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Stilettos No More by Diana Estill

I ran across this book while trying to find something to read that was funny. I honestly only opened this one randomly. It had come in from the author asking for a review and was pretty far down in my pile. I am SO glad that this one caught my eye on that day. I read it on my Kindle and used that “share” button so much, my Facebook friends were both intrigued and really annoyed with me. But there were so many funny stories and quips in this book that it kept me giggling madly.

This book was about getting older (I think I busted a stitch with the “shapewear” essay) and about various family funnies that happen. There’s nothing here that’s Earth shattering; it’s a cute, funny, and well written collection of essays about being a woman over the age of forty. I’m not quite there yet myself, but I found myself identifying with so many of the first essays.

I think it did lose a little steam towards the last few essays, but they were still funny and heartwarming. Overall, this is a very well thought-out, portrayed and written collection. I’d recommend this for woman over the age of 33 or so. I suspect those in their late 40s would enjoy it even more.

In this collection of essays, award-winning humorist Diana Estill shares her wacky views on the years between mini-skirts and “Mee-maw” panties, tells the truth about “shapewear,” and offers advice on “how to talk so that your spouse will listen” and other mysteries. Lamenting she’s “put up with this thong enough,” Estill invokes her inner fashion critic as she tackles midlife with both eyes squinted.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Book count for 2011: 48

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