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Meant To Be by Beverly Butler and Sue Warhaftig

First the bad – the current cover for this book doesn’t do it justice at all and really has very little to do with the content. I must say that had someone not pointed this one out to me, I probably wouldn’t have noticed it, much less purchased it. Yes, I judge books by their covers.

I am really glad that a friend of mine did point it out to me because this book was just what I needed to get me out of a reading slump that I found myself in this Summer. It was reasonably light and beachy, but had enough of a plot line and a few serious issues to keep me interested in the storyline.

I was actually quite surprised by the plot and how the authors managed to weave the serious issues between and with Rod and Judith into a lighter read. In some ways, it was sad, yet also made it feel just a little more real.

The writing was great, I saw one little error where Tammi answered Rod’s phone and then just seemingly a few hours later, he couldn’t use it because it ran out of battery the night before, but if that’s the biggest content edit problem I found, we’re doing pretty good. The grammar was well done and it was overall very well written and edited.

This is highly recommended for those that enjoy chick lit, but also like a little meat with it.

Get ready for a hot summer read: Meant To Be is a racy, chick lit, romance novel that is crammed with funny dialogue and steamy sex. It’s the perfect romance novel for your book group or for a beach getaway. If you love women’s fiction Meant To Be needs to be on your reading list.

Judith McCoy is turning 50 and somewhere between kids, carpools, and community service projects, she’s lost track of the interesting and attractive woman she used to be. She’s also misplaced her libido, much to her husband’s dismay.

Longing for intimacy and confused about his wife’s mid-life changes, Rod McCoy reaches a tentative and hungry hand into the candy dish of his New York advertising agency filled with smart and sexy young women. One particular ambitious beauty is making a calculated play for Rod. She knows what she wants and has the looks, brains and motivation to get it.

Judith stumbles across evidence her husband is having an affair. Through blood-shot eyes she sees her life as one big failure. She retreats to a friend’s beach house with her daughters and embarks on a wild ride of self-discovery.

During one tumultuous summer, Judith learns how to take chances, open herself to others, and balance fear against desire. Ultimately she discovers what is meant to be.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Book count for 2011: 44

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