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George and the Bee by Michael A. Johnson

When I was a child, I lived in a rural area and my parent had about 140 acres of land that I was allowed to prowl pretty much at will by the time I was 10. I had many adventures (some real, some imagined) and sometimes I wish that I could allow my own children that same luxury. Unfortunately, we live in the city now and I don’t think my neighbors would appreciate my kids prowling around their yards.

George and the Bee is the next best thing! Michael Johnson has written a great book that tells the story of George and his adventures in the “wild” around his home. Every small boy needs a mentor and friend, and George finds his in the person of the Bee.

George is a young boy about to enter Kindergarten, and it is his last summer of “freedom” before entering into school. This book serves multiple purposes: 1.) It introduces children to some basic animals in the wild, 2.) It introduces the change from pre-school years to entering into school, and 3.) it breaches the topic of imaginary friends and making new, real friends.

I love this book and will definitely be reading it to children for many years to come!

This story is about a small boy with a big imagination. He lives in a country type setting where his mom and dad’s house has a big back yard and has woods connected to the yard. George the little boy in this story likes to play in the woods. George is all boy and like all boys he likes to go exploring, getting dirty, playing, and swimming. All the things a small boy would like to do. George meets a big yellow and black bee in the woods and they become friends. The bee tells George about different animals in the woods and that most will not hurt him.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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