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Spirits of Bone Island by Susan Stafford

The author sent me this book early this year asking for a review. I thought it sounded interesting, women’s fiction, set near an ocean, etc…

I will say that the story line isn’t bad. It was cute, interesting and I enjoyed that part of it. The characters are very well-rounded and I felt like I got to know not only the people but the area.

The ghost part was perhaps a little overboard, but I don’t think it necessarily took away from the story.

The problem comes from the grammar and spelling errors in this one along with a few content problems. Some parts felt forced and it showed. It really could have been helped with a good editor.

Unfortunately, the editing issues overtook the good and were pretty distracting. I hope the author has taken it through an editor since then and perhaps it’s fixed now. The story itself really was good.

I recommend this for those that aren’t distracted by editing issues and like reading a little southern or women’s fiction.

This mystery novel, Spirits of Bone Island, takes place on the southernmost point of the United States. A hurricane is brewing off the coast of the Florida Keys. As the storm grows near, Liz and Maggie, owners of The Daydream Shop & Spa on Duval Street are trying to follow mysterious clues left by a murdered artist. Meanwhile another artist is killed. This time The Daydream Spa is the scene of the crime and the victim is a close friend.

While trying to find out who killed their friend, Liz and Maggie discover the spa has an unusual resident who is asking for their help. Liz and Maggie end up becoming involved with a local voodoo princess in order to help out.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Book count for 2011: 33

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