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Interview with Miles Pines

I reviewed this book last week and contacted the author for an interview. I couldn’t wait to hear his answers. You see, Miles is a very good author. He wrote such a great book. BUT… Miles is seven-years-old. I’m not kidding. Check out my review from last week! In the meantime, this is what Miles had to say in response to my questions:

Candy Beauchamp (CB): Thank you, Miles, for agreeing to allow me to interview you! This is my first time interviewing an author as young as you are and I’m looking forward to hearing your unique take on things. My 10 and 8-year-old helped me come up with questions. They are big fans of your book!

(CB): How did you come up with the idea for the story in your book?

Miles Pines (MP): I love action books and movies, so I decided to come up with a book that combined comedy and action.

(CB): I think you really succeeded with that. We thought your book was very funny. The name of your fictional town is “Pumpkinville.” How did you come up with that as the name?

(MP): I named the town Pumpkinville because, when I was writing the story, I ate the world’s best pumpkin pie.

(CB): Oh, pumpkin is one of my favorite pies! Yum! In your book, you mention “juice concoctions.” What is YOUR favorite juice concoction?

(MP): My favorite juice concoction is orange juice mixed with a little cranberry juice and some lemonade.

(CB): Oh, I really do love lemonade! Jamie, my 10-year-old son, said to tell you that your writing was as good as what he’s written in third grade! He wants to know what inspired you to write your story?

(MP): I was inspired to write a story that everybody can read, laugh, and have fun with.

(CB): I think you did a really good job – we all had a great time reading your book! Are you going to write more books? Will they also take place in Pumpkinville and have the same characters or are you going to write something completely different?

(MP): I am planning to write a series of another type of funny story that I hope you will enjoy. I don’t think it will take place in Pumpkinville.

(CB): Oh, we can’t wait to see what you write next! I’m sure it will be great! Cassie, my 8-year-old daughter likes that you dedicate the story to your family and to the color yellow. Is that your favorite color? Is it still your favorite color or will you have a new favorite for your next book?

(MP): No matter what happens YELLOW is my favorite color!

I’m so glad you said that – loyalty is an important trait in a young man! Thanks again, Miles, for letting me interview you. I’m sure you have a long career ahead of you as a writer and I hope you continue to work hard on it. I think it’s amazing that a six-year-old has a book – and on Amazon, no less! I’m sure your parents are very proud of you!

Filled with whimsy and adventure, The Policeman and the Dog Who Always Caught the Bad Guys, written by seven year-old Miles Pines when he was only six, is a fast-moving thriller perfect for fun-loving, crime-stopping kids. In the wonderful, small town of Pumpkinville, bad guys, crooks, and villains never get a break. With Officer Cherries and his pet police dog Hunter in charge, lawbreaking robbers are kept on their toes. What’s even better is when Officer Cherries and Hunter catch a criminal—the whole town celebrates. There are mouth-watering slices of the world’s best pumpkin pie for everyone, along with special blended “juice concoctions” to wash them down. When a tornado rips through Pumpkinville, the jailhouse is destroyed and five fugitives are on the run. The citizens of Pumpkinville can’t help but be alarmed, but with Officer Cherries and Hunter hot on the escapees’ trail, there’s no reason to panic. As good triumphs evil and a town is, once again, made safe, there really will be cause for a yummy celebration. 

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