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Jake’s Grill at 611 SW Tenth Ave in Portland, OR

Last Thursday, I was visiting Portland and after a disappointing experience with another restaurant in the area (see my previous review), my group of ten was left without a reservation. Ut-oh. A couple of the ladies had said that they visited Jake’s the night before and loved it and wouldn’t be adverse to going again. We walked over knowing that they might not be able to accommodate a large group, but hoping we could at least get on a list and walk around a bit or something.

They were not able to seat us right away, but the manager himself found us some tables together in the bar to wait (a very nice couple offered to move over to another area for us – nice folks all around). We ordered drinks and the waitress was able to get us some appetizers that were on the happy hour menu (even though we were past happy hour – we wanted hummus, darn it!). We happily chatted and waited 45 minutes to an hour and had a great time – the wait staff were all very attentive and we never felt like we were a bother at all.

We were seated and had a fabulous waitress (shout out to Amy). We were very very well taken care of. They even had a magician that came around to entertain us. I’m still working out how he made the dollar bill float. Cuz I was sitting RIGHT there in front of it. I suspect they put hallucinogenics in my water cuz nothing else makes sense. I’m just saying.

The decor of the restaurant is very nice, very regal – yet relaxing at the same time. It felt cozy, just what a steakhouse should feel like.

The food was amazing. I had a beet salad that was perfectly dressed and tasted amazing. I also had the Jake’s Mixed Grill and OMG. I ordered the steak medium and came out perfectly cooked along with a lobster tail and a prawn. Amazing. Simply amazing. We finished up with three desserts for the table and passed them around so everyone got a taste (major shout to the cheesecake).

I even forgot that gratuity was included because I was paying for a large party. Amy came over and quietly pointed it out and asked if I wanted to adjust it. I did a little, but still left her a large extra tip for being so honest.

Great place. Great food. Relaxed yet nice. A winner. I would not hesitate to go here again.

I also found out later that they are part of the McCormick and Schmicks family. We have one of those here in Austin so I’m looking forward to checking it here as well. Major thumbs up for Jakes!

Adjacent to the historic Governor Hotel, Jake’s Grill brings the classic American Grill traditional dining experience to downtown Portland, OR. 

Inspired by tradition, Jake’s Grill is proud to serve the finest meat and seafood in a classic, uncomplicated style. You will find the best steak in the city and of course, the best fresh seafood.

Our classic bar serves hand-built, hand-mixed cocktails and a wide selection of single malt whiskies.

Jake’s Grill can accommodate 20 – 60 guests in our banquet rooms. Let us host your next event and ensure that every detail is seamless and professional. Create a custom menu and experience that you and your guests will enjoy.

Make plans to experience classic dining with us today. Call us or make your reservation online.

Rating: ★★★★★

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  1. Patty 12 May 2011 at 6:14 am Permalink

    I loved Jake’s Grill! I was one of those that went back a second time. The food was wonderful and the service was awesome. Very friendly staff. I also enjoyed going back to watch the magician. It just amazed me what he could do with a dollar bill and the ring trick, while being right in front of us.

    I agree that this restaurant is top notch in my book. Hats off to the manager and the staff. Superb!


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