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2011 Summer Reading Programs for Kids

Just a quick break from the reviews to let you guys know of the Summer Reading Programs I’ve found so far this year. I love to read (duh!) and I’m lucky enough that my kids are huge readers too. Each year we do as many of these as we can. I’ve already printed their logs and we’re ready to go… so, join us!

Here’s a rundown of what I’ve found so far (feel free to let me know of others!)

1. Barnes & Noble – read 8 books and a get free book from their list

2. Borders – reading 10 books and get a free book from their selection in store

3. Half Price Books – Read 15 minutes per day (600 total in June and July) and get $5 gift certificate (I was hoping they were doing the weekly thing this year – that was great to go each week – and we always spent way more than the $5 LOL)

4. HEB – Read 10 books and get some prizes (a t-shirt and maybe some other stuff?)

5. Austin Library – Set a personal goal, read that many books and turn it in to get a free book from their selection

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