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Down the Drain by Daniel Pyle

I may never take a bath or shower again. In fact, maybe I should just avoid all bathrooms with tubs/showers all together. This is a great short tale about well… a bathtub in a really bad freaking mood.

Unlike another book I read by this author, this one is much less realistic; it tries too hard, but on purpose. It wants to scare and shock you, but it really wants to make you do that “ha ha, I’m not scared” laugh while you lock the bathroom door – from the outside.

It takes a lot for me to enjoy a short story/novella/whatever you want to call them. I usually find them underdeveloped (duh) but I didn’t feel that way at all with Down The Drain.

You need to be not a prude and enjoy a little scare tactics (and not mind a real WTF moment). Recommended for those that can take it 🙂

This is a fun horror little story, well worth purchasing.

Bruce has lost everyone he ever cared about—even his cat.

Now he thinks he’s finally alone in the house, but something is about to come clawing its way out of the plumbing to prove him wrong.

[Down the Drain is an 8,500-word, 30-page novelette.]

Rating: ★★★★☆

Book count for 2011: 21

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