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Dr. Roger Harden – Allergist – Austin, TX

The Cedar Season in Austin in January 2011 did me in. I have lived here for eleven years and have had allergy issues the entire time, but January… well, I told my husband that I could either go for allergy shots or we could move. So, off I went to an allergist. It was the height of the season so I was figuring I’d have to wait a month or two to even see a doctor. Nope, they had an appointment in a few days. *squeal*

The sent me a bunch of forms to fill out. Done. I showed up, the office staff were SO nice and there were only a couple of people waiting – I think these were folks that had had allergy shots and were waiting their required 20 minutes to leave. I’ve been back there a few times now and there is NEVER a long wait. Can I say how much I love that? It makes me feel like they value my time as much as I’m supposed to value their time.

My first visit with the doc was to talk about my allergies, about what I’m currently doing and what I want to do (please, I’ve never been a fan, but if you could give me a shot – well, a LOT of shots, that would make me super happy!). I do believe that Dr. Harden has one of the best bedside manners I’ve ever experienced. He’s soft spoken, quick with a little wit, understanding, etc. I didn’t once feel like he was dismissing me. He listened to my concerns, wrote me a new prescription to try something else and told me to come back for testing (yes!).

I will tell you that Dr. Harden likes to talk (so do I), but I like that he gives me a LOT of information as well as history. I feel like I have a better understanding of what is going on and why and what we are doing and why we are doing. He is truly a remarkable man.

On testing day, I spent a few hours with the lovely Linda. Linda kind of cracks me up. She has a great personality, is very gentle and has a very dry fun sense of humor, but she’s definitely the “straight man”. My personal goal over the next year is to make Linda laugh out loud.

I came back a week later to over over all of the results and talk about what to do going forward. I’m starting shots soon. It’s a big commitment so if you decide to do this, it can be a twice per week thing. I will be going in twice per week for two shots each time. But you know what? It’s a pretty fun office. You can tell they are close knit. They work hard, but they try to have fun doing it. I’m almost looking forward to it in a weird twisted kind of a way.

HIGHLY recommend this doctor and his staff.

From the website:
A leading Austin allergist, Dr. Harden has been serving the Greater Austin area since 1987. Dr. Harden graduated from the Johns Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore, Maryland after receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from the University of Notre Dame. 

Dr. Harden serves his patients with a wealth of information and experience, an eagerness to educate the public on allergy issues and a friendly demeanor that instantly puts clients at ease.

Rating: ★★★★★


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