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Is it Just Me or Is Everyone a Little Nuts? by Judi Coltman

This is an odd little book, but good for what it is. While it was, as promised, funny in places, I think it may have fell flat too often in others. While I don’t think this was really the fault of the author, she obviously has quite the sense of humor, it can probably be attributed to the fact that we weren’t let in on some of the details. I really felt disconnected from the places and people in the story. While I realize this was a collection of short stories, I think they lacked the needed set up in many places. It really could have used a bit of polishing up by a complete stranger, perhaps.

That’s not to say that the stories that did make me laugh weren’t absolutely hilarious. It really made me want to sit down with the author over a cup of coffee and just chat and joke around. Her writing shows that she’s just as likable as she is humorous. The best example of this comes in Chapter 24. You see, our dear Ms. Judi likes to completely and utterly mortify her children. I like that. I love that. I’m totally doing it to my kid.

Overall, this a good read, the funny and fully-described stories make it extraordinarily laugh-worthy. While I mention the flat stories, I don’t think it devalues the book too awful much. And hey, maybe I just don’t have the sense of humor I thought I had.

Recommended for the 30 and 40-something women friends. I could see my friends and I reading parts of this together and not only identifying but adding our own humorous tales.

A humorous set of short stories and snippets of life that will make you think, smile and full-on laugh out-loud! Daily events such as the discovery of a dreaded chin hair, or choosing a halloween costume take on new meaning through the honest and quirky view of the author. Marriage, parenting, aging and small town living are addressed through the filter of laughter, often at the author’s own expense.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Book count for 2011: 4

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