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Hedbanz family game

It is hard to find a game that my entire family can sit down with and enjoy. Either game is aimed at the younger members or our family, or it is better for the older members. Usually the grown ups have to give in to the kids. But now we have Hedbanz and we all have a great time playing it.

The rules are simple: ask questions of the other players until you guess “what you are”. Older players will tend to ask better questions, but younger players will have much sillier questions and answers that can really throw the adults off track!

Of course, it is hard not to be silly when you have a card strapped to your forehead by a bright blue plastic band. We all had a blast! Sometimes it pays to be only 7 ask simple questions that lead you right to the answer. At other times, an adult can get themselves way off track. It was a ton of fun and this is our new game night favorite.

We do have one complaint though: it only comes with 75 cards. You’ll probably only go through 20 or so cards in a 4 person game, but this still means that you will start seeing the same cards after your 3rd game. No such a big problem for kids, but if you have 2 adults playing the games could start to get repetitive after a while.

Overall, I highly recommend this game for a family or group with a broad age range. Everyone will have fun and can play at their own skill level.

Spice up your family game night with the Hedbanz Board Game, a fun, fast-paced, and simple question game that everyone aged 6 and up can enjoy. In a group of two to six players, you’ll draw an identity card for an animal, food, or common object but with one catch–everyone but you will see the card, displayed by the headband on your forehead. The goal is to deduce who or what you are by asking the players questions before the clock runs out.

Rating: ★★★★★

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