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The Summoning Fire by David Michael

I really enjoy a good horror book; not much gets me freaked out when it comes to horror. Add in the fact that Hell has, literally, exploded upon the Earth and this book really kept me interested. The opening to this book is absolutely wonderful and I really wanted to know what in Hell was going on. It kept me guessing quite a bit. The start and end of this book keep you completely riveted.

I absolutely loved the premise of Hell on Earth erupting and it becoming a type of tourist attraction of a sort. The writing itself was really well done, I was lulled in by parts of the story. The author does a bang up job setting the stage and bringing this world into existence for us. Absolutely excellent.

I’ve read plenty of books with a similar format, the switching back and forth of time lines. I’m not sure that this format completely worked for this particular book, I got lost in the time line a few times and had to backtrack. I think this could have been better handled with more of a flashback or just straight time line. There were also some scenes that I thought could have been cut, they were a little over the top as far as brutality for what this book was.

Having said that, it’s worth a read for true horror fans who are looking for something different in this genre.

Reese Howard remembers life before Hell on Earth. She was a child then, but she remembers. She remembers her Mom and her Dad. She remembers a family trip to the Gulf of Mexico. She remembers she used to laugh–


That was all before. Before the Old Man and the other Princes of Hell forced a Rift and Hell erupted in the Heartland of America. Before the nightmares of Hell and the worst of humanity were walled off behind a near-impassable desert, free to create a new world all their own. Before the chaos took away everyone she loved and before the Old Man taught her that feeling pain–or anything else–made her weak.

Now all Reese has left is pain. Pain and a pump-action shotgun.

Sam is dead. The Old Man killed her right in front of Reese. A blood sacrifice to fuel his latest powerplay in Hell on Earth. She hopes the Old Man made a mistake, leaving her alive and armed. But she doubts it. He knows she’s coming. The half-goat bastard has to know.

Whatever the Old Man knows or doesn’t know, Reese plans to make him pay.

And she plans to die trying.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Book count for 2010: 89

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