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Quantum (Portal Chronicles Book Three) by Imogen Rose

Note: The link to the left is for the paperback, it is also available on Kindle HERE. Also, come back tomorrow – the author has some goodies to give away (and they are pretty freaking awesome!) Okay, so the review…

The end of the second book in this series, EQUILIBRIUM (Portal Chronicles Book Two), leaves us with quite a cliff hanger. I’ve been not-so-patiently waiting on the third book to come out. I have major instant gratification problems, so either the author took pity on me or I moaned and groaned enough in public forums that she sent me an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of Quantum just to shut me up. Either way, I was excited to find out what happened next. I’m a 30(mumble) year old woman, but I absolutely adore this young adult series.

It is very rare that I feel a series gets better as it goes on. In fact, the Portal Chronicles is the only one I can think of this year that I’ve felt that way about. It stays true to the storyline, the characters and the location. I didn’t feel the least bit disconnected from the previous two books. It’s one of the things I enjoy most about these books, they are complete stories, she left us hanging a bit on the 2nd one, but there’s no awkward breaks.

This particular book is very well written, very well edited and a great polished product. It is very professionally done and something the author should be very proud to call her final work product. I didn’t see any grammar issues or spelling issues; either I was too sucked into the story to notice or they simply don’t exist (I suspect the latter as Ms. Rose’s previous work has always been well done as well).

The characters were well formed. I felt I got to know more about each of them. Not only the Sigma-W, but all the central characters that we have gotten to know and love were fleshed out even more without delving into long monologues of their childhood or anything that would make me want to dig my eyes out with a spoon. I do wish there was more of Arizona in it, I felt she was absent from too many scenes, but having said that, she’s my favorite YA (Young Adult) book character, she’s a teenager, but she’s not snotty, silly or whiny. We have entirely too many whiny heroines in YA books these days. *cough*Bella*cough* My favorite aspect of the story came with David, but I won’t say anything more and spoil it for the fans.

All-in-all, I think what draws me to these books is that the characters are nice. Even the bad guys are pretty darn good underneath it all. There’s no hate filled tirades, there’s no gratuitous violence (or sex). This one had a few instances of the “s” word, but nothing horrible. But the characters… the characters are very likable. I suspect that the next in the series will be a little darker based on the epilogue, and I think that’s okay too, I think as Arizona and the crew gets older and more mature, they will come to see the darker things in life, but I like that the author let her be a kid, gosh darn it!

As far as the cliff hanger that we were left with in book 2, we are given some resolution. I have to admit I thought it was a bit of a cop out, but I also don’t see where anything else could have happened and still have this book be has fabulous as it truly was, so I’m not going to complain too much about it.

Both of the previous books have gotten four stars from me. They are so well put together, but Quantum brings the story into itself and really gives us a deeper understanding of this world that Imogen Rose has created for us and, for that, I give the book a full 5 stars and put onto my “must read” list for 2010. I would highly suggest checking the first two out before you read this one. The first is PORTAL (Portal Chronicles) and the second is EQUILIBRIUM (Portal Chronicles Book Two).

This book is recommended for Portal fans. The series is recommended for those that light a fun light read. The books are young adult, with light sci-fi and time travel. Fun and fabulous books. Even though the author provided me with this copy for free, I will be buying a copy for my kindle account so I can share with others on my account.

A whole year has passed. It’s October again… or is it? As California teen, Arizona Darley, contemplates traveling back through the portal to seek out her dad, her life is plunged into a whirlwind ride through the unknown. But this time, she doesn’t disappear through the portal. Has Arizona been kidnapped-again? Is Raj Sen to blame? Could Dillard have taken her? As Kellan, David and her parents launch a frantic search with the help of the Wanderers, it becomes apparent that things are much more complex than they seem – for all of them. While investigating her daughter’s lastest disappearance, Olivia faces shocking revelations about the Wanderers and her life with Rupert. In the meantime, what’s happening in New Jersey? Are both of Arizona’s worlds about to collide? Quantum is the third book in the Portal Chronicles. Catch the start of Arizona’s adventures in Portal and Equilibrium.

Rating: ★★★★★

Book count for 2010: 87

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