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My 7-year-old Interviews Jennifer Kelman, author of Mrs. Pinkelmeyer children’s series

My 7-year-old daughter, Cassie, fell in love with this book and started asking me questions (mostly about the dog, Moopus) so I contacted the author with a silly request… to let my daughter interview her. Imagine my surprise when she readily agreed. There was some confusion about if Cassie wanted to interview Mrs. Pinkelmeyer (she will call you if you have a special day coming up!) or the author. But apparently, Cassie is smarter than I because she informed me that Mrs. P isn’t real and I got the “look” when I asked if she wanted her to call her…

So here’s Cassie’s interview with the very patient Jennifer Kelman. I’m just the transcriber. You can’t make this stuff up, although I did make the decision not to include ALL of the questions she asked about the dog (what is with 7-year-old girls and dogs?). Make sure you visit her website at http://www.mrspinkelmeyer.com

Ms. Kelman, thank you for doing the questions with me. I really liked your book. My favorite was Moopus the dog. He was funny. My mom said she will get me the next book when it comes out because I liked this one so much. Here are my questions:

CASSIE: How did you get the idea for the story?
JENNIFER: Hi Cassie.  Thank you so much for wanting to interview me.  I got the idea for the story because it really did happen.  I wrote the book based on a real life experience I had with my Nephew as he was sad when his parents were away.

CASSIE: Is Moopus a boy or a girl?
JENNIFER: Moopus is a boy and he just loves Mrs. Pinkelmeyer, and what he loves most is when he does silly things how she “pretends” to be mad at him.  But Moopus is too smart as he knows that she is never really mad.  She also complains about his snoring while he sleeps, but according to Moopus, Mrs. Pinkelmeyer snores too!

CASSIE: Why was Moopus so dirty in the book?
Moopus knows that he is one charming dog and he just marches right in to the butcher shop to wait for his juicy bone.  He likes to slobber all over that bone as he just loves the flavor and he gets all dirty from eating his delicious bone.

CASSIE: What is rump roast?
Rump Roast is a type of meat almost like Roast Beef, but even though Mrs. Pinkelmeyer most always burns the Rrrrump Rrrroast while cooking it, I think most of her enjoyment just comes from saying the words with her Rrrrrrolling tongue.

CASSIE: Where were Henry’s parents?
Henry’s parents went away on vacation and it was their first vacation they took since Henry was born.  They went swimming and played tennis and enjoyed being in the warm sunshine as it was winter back home in New York City.

CASSIE: Is there going to be more books with Moopus in it?
Absolutely.  Moopus is a star!  I am writing my second one now and of course Moopus is already proving to be the silly little dog always getting in trouble. But don’t forget, Mrs. Pinkelmeyer only pretends to be angry with him.

Thank you so much Cassie for preparing these wonderful questions.
Jennifer Kelman
Creator Of Mrs. Pinkelmeyer and Moopus McGlinden

Again, thank you so much, Jennifer, for taking the time. You made one little girl’s day!

Meet the Silliest, Warmest Know-It-All™, Mrs. Pinkelmeyer from Poppingham, England and her furry brown dog, Moopus McGlinden, in their first adventure. This fresh, funny, and charmingly illustrated story will make even the youngest children laugh and smile. When Mrs. Pinkelmeyer tries to put her rrrrump rrrroast in the oven, she talks on the phone to a mysterious stranger in New York who is caring for her nephew while his parents are away. Any child who has felt the sadness of separation from a loved one knows a good story can provide just the right comfort. Mrs. Pinkelmeyer distracts Henry who missed his parents so much that he was no longer singing or playing. As Mrs. Pinkelmeyer talks to little Henry on the phone from the other side of the Atlantic, he forgets his absent parents while concentrating on Mrs. Pinkelmeyer and Moopus.

Mrs. Pinkelmeyer goes on to tell Henry of Moopus’s adventures at the butcher shop where he skips and sings and takes a juicy steak bone home to hide away and eat in private. A er slobbering all over the bone, Moopus is in need of a bath. Mrs. Pinkelmeyer scrubs her furry friend everywhere, even behind his ears. Hearing this sends Henry into giggles all over again (in addi on to giving him a subtle message about cleanliness). Though in the end Mrs. Pinkelmeyer burns her rrrrump rrrroast (don’t forget the rolling r’s), she is unconcerned, because she is so happy to have helped Henry feel better. This book is the perfect gift for a child whose parents are leaving on a trip or going to be absent for any reason. All children, however, will fall in love with the irrepressible joy embodied by Mrs. Pinkelmeyer and her dog Moopus. Burn the RRRRump RRRRoast is the first in a series of Pinkelmeyer stories. It won’t be long before Mrs. P. and Moopus come skipping by again.

Rating: ★★★★★

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  1. Jen Kelman 4 November 2010 at 11:20 am Permalink

    My Dear Cassie,
    You did such a great job with your interview of me and your Mom is very special too. I thank you so much for taking the time with me and of course Moopus! He sends you a BIG slobbery lick!

  2. Lauren Hidden 4 November 2010 at 11:37 am Permalink

    Wow, Great interview and it sounds like a great book! I think Cassie has a future as a reporter. Very impressive!

  3. Lisa@put-it-on-the-list 4 November 2010 at 1:38 pm Permalink

    My kids are well past the age where this would be fun, but I almost want to pick this book up anyway. Maybe I need a good excuse. We need a good book for any visiting kidlets? Maybe that would work…
    Lisa@put-it-on-the-list´s last blog post ..Austin City Limits Festival- Day 3

  4. Candy 4 November 2010 at 2:00 pm Permalink

    @Lisa – LOL, if I ever find the 2nd one, I’ll donate it to your cause – have you visited the website? The author has done a really good job with it. I’ve been informed that I’m buying a stuffed Moopus dog when they come out. Because, ya know, there aren’t enough stuffed animals in this house.

  5. Jen Kelman 4 November 2010 at 3:36 pm Permalink

    Go Cassie, go! I love the strong arm technique!

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