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Mrs. Pinkelmeyer and Moopus McGlinden Burn the Rrrrump Rrrroast by Jennifer Kelman

We have a ton of kid’s books in this house. When this one came in the mail for review, we were on the way out so it ended up the in the car, where my 7-year-old daughter opened the package and read it. And giggled. And read it again. And giggled some more, talking about bones and shaking water. My 10-year-old son read it and laughed too. She brought it into the house and read it a few more times. When I asked for it back so I could read it, she told me I couldn’t have it and that she had put it somewhere so her friends couldn’t take it. (Um, no, her friends don’t routinely take her stuff, no idea, but apparently this book is special – there’s a DOG in it).

Anyway, long story, short, she went to look for it and couldn’t remember where she put it. I tore the place apart and couldn’t find it, which resulted in tears and crying and wailing (from her, not me). I could probably stop this review right here because, frankly, any kid that hides a book so others can’t read and steal it and then throws that much of a fit has already reviewed the book as far as I’m concerned.

BUT… being the sucker mommy that I am, I bought a copy on my own to replace it. When it came in the mail she grabbed it and I had to basically wrestle her for it. I won. So, folks, I finally got to read this book!


… and I must say that I want to hide it so my friends can’t steal it too! It’s really sweet and cute and so very well done. So many times you get either really good illustrations or really good writing with a children’s book. This is one of the few that has both.

First, the story – the story is really sweet. It’s about a phone call that sweet Mrs. Pinkelmeyer in England gets from a sad little boy in New York City. The little boy is crying because his parents are away and he misses them (he’s staying with his aunt). Sweet Mrs. P tells him all about her crazy day and her dog Moopus and makes him cheer up. The writing is fun and snappy. It makes a great book to read out loud to a child. (Or if you are a 7-year-old, to read to the 50 stuffed animals that are lined up waiting eagerly for you to read to them).

Second, the illustrations – hilarious! From the cover with poor Mrs. P holding her burnt dinner to the page with Moopus running with that bone in his mouth, we were completely sucked in by the stunning images. Really beautifully done.

We will be buying these as they come out, I think 🙂

I am not deducting a star for this, but I urge you to NOT go to the website for this series when you have your child standing next to you. There’s music (oh yes, there’s music), but there’s also products. I now have to wait for the stuffed Moopus to become available because my daughter managed to make me promise to order it. And yes, I’m scared of my obsessed 7-year-old. I’m smart like that.

This book is recommended for all children, but I think it would be great to get to have grandparents or other family members to read to a child when their parents are away.

Now, where’d I put that credit card…

Note: There will be a video review coming from Cassie herself (that’s the scary 7-year-old) soon AND I emailed the author and she’s agreed to do an interview with Cassie since she’s such a crazy little fan! How fun is that?!?! All coming soon!

Meet the Silliest, Warmest Know-It-All™, Mrs. Pinkelmeyer from Poppingham, England and her furry brown dog, Moopus McGlinden, in their first adventure. This fresh, funny, and charmingly illustrated story will make even the youngest children laugh and smile. When Mrs. Pinkelmeyer tries to put her rrrrump rrrroast in the oven, she talks on the phone to a mysterious stranger in New York who is caring for her nephew while his parents are away. Any child who has felt the sadness of separation from a loved one knows a good story can provide just the right comfort. Mrs. Pinkelmeyer distracts Henry who missed his parents so much that he was no longer singing or playing. As Mrs. Pinkelmeyer talks to little Henry on the phone from the other side of the Atlantic, he forgets his absent parents while concentrating on Mrs. Pinkelmeyer and Moopus.

Mrs. Pinkelmeyer goes on to tell Henry of Moopus’s adventures at the butcher shop where he skips and sings and takes a juicy steak bone home to hide away and eat in private. A er slobbering all over the bone, Moopus is in need of a bath. Mrs. Pinkelmeyer scrubs her furry friend everywhere, even behind his ears. Hearing this sends Henry into giggles all over again (in addi on to giving him a subtle message about cleanliness). Though in the end Mrs. Pinkelmeyer burns her rrrrump rrrroast (don’t forget the rolling r’s), she is unconcerned, because she is so happy to have helped Henry feel better. This book is the perfect gift for a child whose parents are leaving on a trip or going to be absent for any reason. All children, however, will fall in love with the irrepressible joy embodied by Mrs. Pinkelmeyer and her dog Moopus. Burn the RRRRump RRRRoast is the first in a series of Pinkelmeyer stories. It won’t be long before Mrs. P. and Moopus come skipping by again.

Rating: ★★★★★

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