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Let’s Do Lunch by KA Jordan

This was an interesting book for me and I’m still a little conflicted on what I think about it. On one hand, it was a great story, great plot, etc. I liked that the author did a fabulous job of making the food and farm become a character in the story. I did not, however, like that it got a little preachy a few times about organic and farming. I really think it took away from the story in many ways.

As with another book I read recently, without giving spoilers, there’s a certain element of the story that I thought there was a big red arrow pointing to it as far as the “mystery”. It’s another of those things of does the author give me too much info or not enough so I don’t see it coming AT ALL? Either one and I’m not happy right? *laugh* Poor authors can’t win!

The author’s writing style is really very good, as I mentioned, she did a great job of making the farming and food a true character in the book, but she also made me feel like I was sitting in the restaurant and watching it all go down, she really does do a great job of pulling you into the story. I loved that.

I’m rating this 4 stars, but it’s more 3.5 because I also felt like the book has a bit of an identity crisis. Not only did we have the organic rants, but in some ways it wanted to be a true romance and chicklit book, but also a bit of a mystery. I’m not saying that a book can’t be both, but you have to commit to it and I don’t feel like the characters really committed to either.

This would be a great read when you are looking for a light and fun book. In spite of my comments above, I did really enjoy it and really identified with main character in many ways.

Lindsey Bennett is caught between two men: One will tease her into telling her secrets. The other will use her. Both are capable of killing.

A business owner at the mercy of her employees, Lindsey Bennett of the restaurant “Let’s Do Lunch,” finds her employees have no mercy. When Lindsey drops everything to be her injured mother’s caregiver, relying on her sister to run the restaurant proves to be a mistake. Lindsey’s trusted cook quits, the new cook changes the menu, her sister hires a waitress who can’t run a register and money comes up missing. When a bug gets in a customer’s food, Lindsey could lose it all! Somebody should get fired. But once she’s back in charge, Lindsey finds that hiring is easier than firing.

More problems arise with the men in her life. Her new chef Brandon Pendleton – smart, sexy, fast living: he’s the life of every party. Sergeant Kevin “Tag” McTaggart – handsome, aloof, this wounded warrior’s blue eyes see into the depths of her soul. One will tease her until she gives up all her secrets. The other is out to use her and her restaurant.

Surrounded by criminals, deceived on all sides, and catapulted from crisis to crisis, can Lindsey stay focused? Her restaurant and her life are at stake.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Book count for 2010: 77

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    Thank you for taking the time to read and review my book.
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