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Johnson & Johnson First Aid 3X3 Adhesive Pads plus Neosporin Antibiotic

I picked these up last month and knew I would review them, but honestly, they are band aides, you know? What exactly do you say? “Yeah, they stuck to the skin and not the wound.” Um. Okay.

But then…

This week, my daughter took a bit of a tumble in the driveway and ended up with a large scrape under her knee. If your kids are like mine, this meant that we had to pick up said child, screaming like a banshee while kicking because “No medicine! No medicine! It will burn! No medicine!!!!!” Neosporin doesn’t burn but the extra step of squeezing it out onto the adhesive pad is usually just too much for my kids. They’ve already worked it up in their head that it’s going to hurt and that is that. I was running late and really wasn’t in the mood.

But then I remembered the bandages. Hmmm…

So, I plopped her up on the counter, rinsed the scratch out and grabbed one of these bandages. Seriously, folks. These things are genius. Whomever developed them had to actually HAVE children (which helps, ya know). They are individually packaged and open easily (great when said child is throwing a fit “IT BURNS!!!!”. The best part is that the little peel-away pad is about 1/5 over to the side, so I just peeled away the small side stuck it on the screaming child and let it roll off the other side so it would cover the scrape.

Voila. That was it. I didn’t tell the kid the medicine was already there and amazingly enough it didn’t burn. The best part is that I got the bandage on her without a complete and total meltdown. It was THAT easy. Seriously.

We’ve actually used similar products in the past, but only the small long rectangle type. These are 3X3 and perfect for the scrapes that kids get constantly. I am so pleased with these. I will be buying more of these for sure.

These lose a star only because after a few hours, the sticky part started to roll away. We were doing a lot of walking, but they’re kids, they run and walk. Still, not too bad, we got 3 solid hours out of it and I gained a kid not screaming bloody murder.

* Design of pad and Neosporin ointment helps the pad not stick to the wound.
* First Aid Covers: Unique wound dressings come with a layer of Neosporin brand antibiotic ointment built right on the pad, so there’s no need to ever touch the wound to get superior infection protection.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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