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Candy Wars: The Tooth Fairies vs The Candy King by R. G. Cordiner

This was a fun book! My son’s name is James (a character in the book), BUT it’s my 7-year-old daughter who has been reading this with me. When reading this, I heard lots of little girl giggle. She really thought this was funny, and it is quite silly, there’s jelly monsters, snowball fights and of course, the chocolate archers (no really!).

It also has a bit of a cautionary slant to it as well. Maybe not caution but perhaps a lesson that you should treat your siblings well or that no matter what, you’ll always be brother/sister. I am interested to see if she gets to that once she gets to the end (I’ve read ahead of her). I’m sure she will though.

I will admit that I thought this book was going to be over her reading level at first, but while it was a challenge for her in some spots, overall she got it and, more importantly, she’s asked to read it.

For me, this was a very cute story. I enjoy a good kid’s story and this one was really a lot of fun! It does make me wonder though… what else does this author have up there in his head? This was a pretty unique story. It felt kind of like an evil version of the nutcracker (and their sugar plum fairies) crossed with a really ticked off gingerbread man. But let me be clear… it’s NOT scary.

This is a great great chapter book story for the 6-13 year old set. Heck, anyone really. I’m a 35-year-old woman and I loved it!

You may not like your sister, but are you really going to fight a war against her? James and Emily never get on – always fighting and arguing! But when James wakes up one night as his tooth is stolen by a jelly monster he follows it into a weird and wonderful world. Chocolate archers come out of the walls and fly in bubble gum balloons, giant rock candy trolls roam around, icing sugar snowmen appear and disappear, all under the direction of the Candy King who is preparing a war against the tooth fairies! Soon Emily and their cat Muffins find themselves joining the fairies, with only a toothless dragon and a phoenix with hay fever to help them fight the mighty Candy Army! “The Candy King is waiting for you.”

Rating: ★★★★★

Book count for 2010: 78

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