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3M(TM) Mouse Pad, Clear Gel Wrist Rest, Daisy Design

My daughter recently got a desk in her room. It’s pink. I am pretty anti-pink, which is probably why she likes it so much. When I saw this mouse pad, it had her name written all over it. Plus it matches her pink desk with the pink chair next to the pink bed frame (not that I’m bitter, mind you).

Seriously though, it’s actually really cute, much cuter than the photo here portrays. My husband and I were impressed. It’s small enough to fit on a child’s desk and big enough so that she can use it effectively. The wrist support is firm, yet has a good amount of give to it. Of course, we were most impressed that if you push on the gel, it makes the flowers look like they warp. Kinda like a bad trip from the 70s. (Hey, I’m just sayin’!)

Overall, it’s a well made mouse pad and my daughter loves it. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

Pink or not.

3Mâ„¢ Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Rest. Daisy design. Soothing gel comfort encourages neutral wrist posture. Clear gel is easy to keep clean. Fun design brightens up the workspace. Non-skid base. 1-year warranty.

Rating: ★★★★★

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