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Princess and Missy’s Magical Adventures: The Crystal Heart by Michelle Nicole Martin

Princess is lost. Her family has mysteriously vanished and she is all alone. But does she turn mean or try to take her problems out on others? No, she stays true to herself and I as helpful as a little lost stray can be. And her kindheartedness earns her a reward and a new (hopefully temporary) family.

Princess and Missy’s Magical Adventures is the first book of hopefully many in a new series for young readers who are ready to move away from picture books but are not quite ready for juvenile fiction. The book has a full page picture every other page or so, and gives the young reader a good feel for the context of the opposite page, assisting the reader without being heavy handed. The beautiful blank and white artwork really adds to the feel of the book without a lot of color that could needlessly distract the reader attempting to expand their stamina or reading proficiency.

I have two small dogs and a young daughter. Many times while reading, I could easily see them romping through the world on a magical adventure like Princess and Missy’s. I only wish we got more good news about Princess’s family before the end of the book, but I guess that can wait until the next book is released. I recommend this book for ages 7 to 9, depending on their reading proficiency.

Princess is a young poodle with a loving spirit who’s “cute, chubby and short.” She finds herself homeless one day, though, after her family suddenly disappears. Not one to give up, Princess follows her own loving heart, helps a young lady and saves children’s lives, and is ultimately awarded the Crystal Heart by Missy, the magical butterfly.

Together they continue on many enchanted adventures, rescuing others from despair and being careful only to avoid Jaith, the Joy Stealer, and not be overcome by her wicked plans.

Rating: ★★★★★

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