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Sarpino’s Pizza in Anderson Mill – Austin, TX

We moved to Anderson Mill five or so years ago. I remember our last night, we ordered Sarpino’s Pizza because we knew we’d never get back across town to have it and it was our favorite pizza. We were sad that we’d have to travel to enjoy our favorite – the Super Taco. When we saw that this one opened recently nearby, you were so excited. But had they changed? Did they mess up a good thing? Would we still like it? Had we built it up in our head too much?

Um. No. Sarpino’s is, hands down, the absolute best pizza in this area for delivery. I love Saccone’s too, but Sarpino’s does have them beat, I’m afraid. The crust is always a perfect crunchy yet soft inside dough. Delivered timely and still warm (and they text message you when it’s on the way if you order it online – did I mention that? You can order it online!)

My kids loved the sauce and pepperoni and the husband and I had pigged out on Taco pizza. We’ve had many different types from their I35 location and couldn’t be happier that there’s one here and they don’t seem to have changed the recipe – don’t mess with a good thing is something a lot of pizza places could learn from.

Now, all my friends in Anderson Mill – order pizza from Sarpino’s. Lots of it, we want them to stick around! 🙂

Sarpino’s founder, Gerry Koutougos, took his family on a vacation to Europe in 1999. While touring the Italian countryside, they discovered a small, secluded family restaurant run by an elderly local woman named Sarpina. Gerry was so overwhelmed by how wonderful Sarpina’s food tasted, that he volunteered to spend 2 weeks working, for free, as an assistant in Sarpina’s kitchen. There he learned the secrets of authentic Italian cooking, which are used in Sarpino’s restaurants to this day.

Rating: ★★★★★

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