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Rusty Nail (“Jack” Daniels #3) by J. A. Konrath

Yay! I was worried after the second book in this series that the first was going to be a one-time love for me and it was going to be one of those over-hyped series. Nay. In fact, after reading this book, I bought all the ones available after this as well as pre-ordering one. I’m sucked into Jack’s world and I’m here to stay, I fear.

There were more than a few times I flinched while reading this book. The violence level isn’t really all that high (by my standards which are probably pretty low to be honest), but the descriptions make me want to cry out. Did you ever read the part in Misery by Stephen King where she breaks his ankles? Can you read it without crossing your feet or moving or something? My ankles ached for at least a n hour. Konrath has this same gift. There were parts of me that hurt just reading his descriptive narrative. I realize this may be a minus for some, but when I think it’s the sign of someone with true talent.

And the ending… whoa. I rarely “see it coming” but this one seem to come out of left field for me. I guess I really am that gullible, but again, I applaud the author for getting me. I didn’t have a single inkling of what the heck was going on.

Read this series if you are a fan of campy stuff (like Stephanie Plum – only a little toned down and “realistic” I suppose) but also be prepared. It has the “ouch” factor of the older James Patterson stuff (ya know, before it started to suck) and others in that genre. Recommended.

Lt. Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels of the Chicago Police Department is back, and once again she’s up to her Armani in murder. Someone is sending Jack snuff videos. The victims are people she knows, and they share a common trait – all were involved in one of Jack’s previous cases. With her stalwart partner, Herb, hospitalized and unable to help, Jack follows a trail of death throughout the Midwest, on a collision course with the smartest and deadliest adversary she has ever known.

During the chase, Jack jeopardizes her career, her love life, and her closest friends. She also comes to a startling realization – serial killers have families, and blood runs thick.

Rusty Nail features more of the laugh-out-loud humor and crazy characters that saturated Whiskey Sour and Bloody Mary, without sacrificing the nail-biting thrills. This is Lt. Jack Daniels’ third, and most exciting, adventure yet.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Book count for 2010: 63

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