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Cinnamons Bakery in Lincoln Village, Austin, TX

On a random Saturday a couple of months ago, we found ourselves up near Highland Mall with an hour to kill. We headed into Lincoln Village to see what new shops had opened since we had been there (many years ago) and saw a little cafe. We decided to stop for coffee.

That is until we got out of the car and were hit by the most luscious smell of baking cinnamon rolls. My daughter and I quickly decided to split a cinnamon roll, my husband got a sticky bun and my son ordered up a cookie.

All were absolutely fabulous. That has to be one of the absolute best cinnamon rolls I’ve had in a very long time (it would be “the” best but I’m one of those freaky people that loves raisins on their cinnamon rolls, I’m not deducting a star though since I know it’s a “me” thing).

We had a fabulous time in this small cafe, chatting and taking our time. The food was amazing and we all left very happy

My son is STILL talking about this place. So much so that he’s decided to bring a few of his friends and his grandparents there the weekend of his birthday to have a treat. *laughing* Yes, my son wants to have his “party” at the cinnamon roll place.

I’d call that a rousing endorsement for certain.

Cinnamons Bakery is well-known for its rich and delightful cinnamon rolls, sticky buns, kolaches, and various other cakes and pastries. It also has a lunch-time menu of sandwiches and hotdogs and serves the famous Seattle’s Best Coffee. The bakery also provides custom orders for local businesses and walk-in customers and makes specialty cakes, chocolates, and other pastries for special occasions.

Located in Lincoln Village, Cinnamons Bakery is a family-run business that offers a warm and cozy atmosphere and has outdoor seating and free wireless internet access for its customers. The bakery won the Austin Chronicle’s 2003 award for best bakery in an unexpected location and in 2005 was featured again in the Austin Chronicle for the best cinnamon rolls in Austin.

Rating: ★★★★★

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