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Alpha WAHM Blueprint: An Empowerment Guide for Work-at-Home Moms by Karri Flatla

A Stay-at-Home-Mom can be hectic and crazy. Life is hectic: Husband, kids, house, and many other responsibilities all add up to a full-time job. But what if this isn’t what you really want? Maybe you want to add a little income to the family account. Maybe you miss being seen as a professional. Many Moms are re-entering the professional world as Work-at-Home Moms. If you are thinking about taking this path, Karri Flatla’s “Alpha WAHM Blueprint” could give you the running start you need to make it through those critical first steps.

While the Alpha WAHM Blueprint does have advice that could be useful to existing Work-at-Home Mom’s, where I really see it shining is in the hands of someone that hasn’t quite made the decision to jump into the entrepreneurial world with both feet. For the newcomer to being self-employed this book has many tips, tricks, and stories that will help them through the scariest and most uncertain time of their business: getting started.

For Mom with an already existing business, many parts of this book will seem like “old hat”. But of course they will! As outlined in the book, successful WAHMs all share certain traits and do certain things. At the very least the Alpha WAHM Blueprint can be used as a “double check” to make sure things are really going in the direction YOU want.

Karri’s Alpha WAHM Blueprint is not a “be all, end all” type of book. It is not designed to be. There are already thousands of books on how to plan your business. This book is more of a “Why do you plan your business?” And I think it does that very well.

More and more women are choosing to work from home as a way to blend their professional passion, their desire for wealth AND their role as a mother. Yet the self-help industry advises women to compartmentalize to strive for work-life balance in order to achieve a sense of meaning and order in their lives. This advice leaves the modern work at home mom feeling frustrated, lonely, and confused. Why? Because popular culture continues to ignore the multiplicity that is fundamental to her identity. Each time we redraw the work-at-home mom s blueprint for success to align with such outdated and unrealistic ideals, we undermine our history, our fight for equality, and our deep desire for wholeness. The Alpha WAHM Blueprint explains why you must stop listening to the misinformation and start listening to your truth. Learn how to embrace your multiplicity and create the WAHM lifestyle YOU dream of.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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